About us

If a person is called a sweeper, he must sweep the streets and alleys as Michelangelo painted, Beethoven composed a symphony, and Shakespeare composed poetry. He must sweep the streets in such a way that all celestial and terrestrial beings pause and say, “Here was a sweeper doing his job well.”

“Martin Luther King”

All agents and stakeholders of Toral Industrial Group start their work every day with the aim of being a beautiful example of this sentence in practice, and in doing their duties, they do their best so that you, dear colleague, can use the products of this collection to the fullest. Be satisfied.
Heidari Industrial Group started its work in 2002 as the only industrial group in the field of production and supply of sealing devices and testing of valves and cylinder heads.
All the agents and stakeholders of this complex have made every effort to make the best machines in the field of turning industry and motor services of all kinds of cars.
What is considered as a point of reliance and goal in this collection is the production and increasing promotion of new and quality products. Due to the uniqueness of the world, our products have been improved day by day with the opinions of users, and we have tried not to sacrifice quality and service for the price.
We continue to pay attention to the needs of industry and the market in order to provide better conditions for users in this field by producing new devices and upgrading production devices, and in this way we need your guidance and assistance, dear colleagues. To contact the group Tural Industrial You can use communication channels in the field of buying tips and comments.

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